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3 Stress Relief Tips For Dealing With Traffic

When traffic is crawling, it’s hard to keep your head in a cool place. Some of the worst accidents can happen when you are aggravated and impatient, and traffic can be a much more tolerable part of your day if you can find a sense of inner peace when dealing with it. So how can you possibly stay calm during these trying times? Check out these 3 stress relief tips. 

Open Your Windows

This is especially true if you are on your way to work. You’re about to sit in an office for the next nine hours or so, and getting some fresh air can really bring up your spirits and take your mind off of things. What’s more, the wind can help you stay awake early in the morning or later at night after a long day. If you are dealing with cold weather, you can try putting the heater on your legs and cracking the window, this method is tried and true! 

Enjoy A Beverage

If you break up the time you spend in traffic with something you can enjoy, like a tasty drink, it can really make the gridlock more tolerable. Stop by a store or bring something from home-- either way, having something to enjoy on the way to or from work can really boost your mood. That being said, we will go ahead and point out the obvious: do not consume any drink that contains any sort of alcohol. 

Create A Relaxing Playlist

There’s a reason stereo speakers are installed in cars, and that’s to enjoy some tunes! There are, of course, specific genres of music that are best for keeping calm and meditating. Smooth music such as jazz, blues, R&B or even reggae can be comforting as you slowly grind to your destination through heavy traffic. Create a playlist of your favorite music to relax to and you’ll be on your way to Chillville in no time!

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