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3 Tips For Driving During A Storm

If you live in an area where an ordinary rain shower often feels like an all-out storm, it is critical to learn how to drive safely in one. According to statistics given by the National Weather Service and Federal Highway Administration, the dangers that drivers face in heavy rain are among the most severe. Today, we dive into 3 crucial tips that can mean the difference between life and death when driving through a rain storm. 

Know Your Destination 

If you find yourself lost on the road, it makes avoiding an accident even more difficult. Often you may find yourself searching for recognizable street signs or landmarks when you are lost, and when this is paired with heavy rains, it can be extremely dangerous. This is why it is incredibly important for you to understand the route you are taking to get to your destination before you even get behind the wheel. 

Cleanliness Is Key

Another thing to pay attention to is the cleanliness of your windows. Making sure that they are clear of grime, smears, dirt, and any other obstructions will ensure that you have as much visibility when driving through the rain storm as possible. Furthermore, taking the time to make sure that your wipers are in suitable condition is important as you never know just how bad the rain will get. 

Don’t Use Your High Beams

When your visibility is low due to heavy rains, you may find yourself reaching to turn on the high beams to increase your line of sight. While you may think that more light means more visibility, the fact is that high beams actually reflect on the rainwater, often leading you to become more distracted as well as distracting the drivers around you. A situation like this can be disastrous. 

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