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5 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The risks of driving a motorcycle versus driving a car or other vehicle are much higher. Despite the benefits that they bring, such as less gas usage, their “cool factor”, and ability to cut through traffic, the heightened risk to find yourself involved in an accident is hard to ignore. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2013 showed that motorcyclists were 26 times as likely than those riding in a passenger car to die in a crash, and five times more likely to experience an injury. It is extremely important for all motorists, not only motorcyclists, to be aware of every move that they make on the roadways. Here are five simple ways that accidents are known to occur due to motorcycle and motorist mistakes. 

  1. Left-Turning Vehicles

    1. A lot of times accidents occur when a vehicle fails to check for a motorcycle, or misjudges the speed of the motorcycle, and the vehicle will turn left and cut them off. Statistically speaking, this is the worst situation for a motorcyclist to find themselves in. Incidents such as this account for a whopping 42% of all crashes between motorcycles and other vehicles. 

  2. Lane Splitting Incidents

    1. The term “lane splitting” refers to incidents where motorcyclists cut between two car lanes, usually when traffic is slow or stopped. This situation is dangerous due to the fact that unexpected vehicle movements, such as lane changes, often occur suddenly without warning. 

  3. Taking A Corner Too Fast

    1. Sometimes when a motorcycle takes a corner too fast, the cyclist is risking loss of traction and sacrificing their reaction time to any obstacle which may be in their way around the corner. An effective rule to live by on the road is the “slow in and fast out” maneuver. Enter the corner wide to increase your vision, and pick up speed on the way out of the turn. 

  4. Alcohol Impairment and/or Speeding

    1. According to recent statistics, approximately half of all vehicle-motorcycle crashes involve alcohol and speeding. 

  5. Locking The Front Brake

    1. Oftentimes motorcycle riders will grab the front of the brake due to distractions on the road, which sends them tumbling over the front of the motorcycle. The easiest way to ensure that this does not occur is to learn how to properly utilize the front brake on the motorcycle and to always be attentive while riding. 

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