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5 Habits To Avoid While Driving

Distracted driving comes in a ton of forms, so most of us are guilty of it one way or another. Distracted driving can refer to any of the following activities: taking your eyes off the road, taking your hands off of the wheel, or any other activity that takes your attention away from driving. When you are distracted driving, you endanger pedestrians, motorists, and passengers. Avoiding distractions at all costs not only makes driving safer, but lowers insurance rates! When you are free of negligent accidents, your rates stay low and you stay safe. Here are five dangerous forms of distraction that you should steer clear of.

  1. Your Cell Phone

    • Cell phones are considered the most common distraction plaguing drivers currently. If you’re talking or texting while driving, you’re putting your life as well as others on the road in serious danger. In fact, in many states it is illegal to text or talk on the phone while driving. Do yourself a favor-- avoid the temptation, and turn your phone off or put it in sleep mode while you are driving. 

  2. Reaching for things

    • Driving with your pets and children can be a great thing, but when you reach for them while they are moving you are putting you and them at a huge risk. To avoid catastrophe it is recommended that you ensure that pets and children are secured and fastened in their seats. Provide your child or pet with toys to keep them occupied, and take it one step further for your pet’s safety by keeping them in a carrier or special car seat. 

  3. Smoking

    • Something as mundane as smoking while driving can be a major distraction, believe it or not. When you use one or more hands to hold the cigarette, light it, and smoke it, you are removing that hand from the wheel where it belongs!

  4. Drinking or Eating

    • If you want to eat or drink, you should stop the car and pull over. Eating, for instance, is a task that normally involves both hands when you remove a wrapper or eat something like a sandwich. When you are drinking, especially something hot such as coffee, make sure that you finish it before leaving your location, or wait to consume it until you arrive at your destination. 

  5. Adjusting Car Controls

    • Always make sure that you setup your controls to the preferred configuration before driving the vehicle. Although there are some things that you cannot set up ahead of time, such as windshield wipers, you should make sure you are as focused as possible while setting them if the car is moving. 

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