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5 Most Common Vehicle Accident Injuries

In many cases, motor vehicle accidents cause injuries that require emergency care. Usually, this involves injuries of the spine, head, or limbs which often require surgery and hospitalization. Regardless of how severe you may believe your injury to be, it is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident. 

Many times injuries are not noticeable right away, and can worsen over time if not treated promptly. Here are the top 5 most common injuries associated with automobile accidents, and what they could mean for your overall health. 

Neck Injury

One of the most common neck injuries from automobile accidents is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when an accident causes your head to suddenly jolt backward, forward, or to the side and put massive strain on the ligaments of the neck. Though most cases of whiplash correct on their own over time, it is important to have the damage checked. 

Some neck injuries can be much more serious, such as disc herniation. Injuries such as these usually require sessions of physical therapy and can even entail surgery. 

Leg Injury

When most people think of common automobile injuries, they think of the upper body. Despite this, major accidents tend to result in leg injuries, especially involving the knee. When a part of the car smashes into the driver or passenger, the resulting impact can lead to serious injuries such as severed tissue and broken bones. Moreover, the knee is particularly prone to dislocation and tearing, as well as the ankles and toes. When concern is raised in these areas, we advise seeing a professional immediately. 

Broken Bones

When bones are broken during an automobile accident, emergency treatment is always required. While some breaks can be repaired over time with a cast, more severe breaks can require surgery and hospitalization. A professional can determine the recommended method of treatment not only by which bone is broken, but by the way in which the break occurred. 

Bones that break in multiple pieces are more difficult to piece back together, frequently requiring screws or metal plates to heal properly. The most serious beaks are called “compound fractures”. These occur when the bone breaks, pierces through the skin, and sticks out. Compound fractures are a major emergency that must be treated immediately due to the pain involved and the extremely high risk of infection. 

Back Injury

The back and spine are very delicate, and injuries to these parts of the body, while minor, can have dire consequences. Strains and disk dislocations, while widely considered “minor”, can often cause severe pain and loss of physical mobility. 


During an accident, the brain can sometimes shake violently within the skull. When this happens, concussions occur. These injuries are often the product of blunt trauma within the automobile, such as hitting your head on the window, steering wheel, or other surface. 

Large amounts of rest are a must when you have suffered mild contusions. This helps the bruising on your brain to heal. More serious contusions, however, often require hospitalization. Warning signs include vomiting, headaches, disorientation, and extreme nausea. 

When surgery is required for serious contusions or traumatic brain injury, pressure is alleviated through draining excess blood from the skull. Any type of head trauma that causes a blackout, even if it is just momentary, is a big warning sign. When this happens we strongly encourage visiting urgent care. 

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