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Alcohol & Motorcycle Accidents

The good news regarding fatal motorcycle crashes in relation to alcohol is that the number has decreased, but the bad news is that the number of crashes as a whole have increased. While motorcycle sales have been on a steady rise since the recession, a lot of new riders who are purchasing them do not understand the risks involved and the severity of injuries that are synonymous with motorcycle riding.

The Weave Test


A study was conducted, and as a part of the study motorcycle riders were given permission to drive just below the legal limit on a closed course. The objective of the course was for the riders to weave through pylons without hitting them or missing any. While riders who were a bit intoxicated were able to avoid hitting the pylons, they missed several. This indicates that their spatial awareness was shot, which has been proven in countless studies regarding the effects of alcohol on the human body. 


Avoiding Hazards


In the same closed course study, riders were given a warning right before being confronted with a road hazard. To avoid the hazard, the rider had to quickly move the motorcycle into the escape lane. Riders who were just below the legal limit were recorded as having much slower responses than those who were sober. Moreover, tasks such as maintaining speed, control, and attention were negatively affected. 


The Curve Circuit 


The final activity of this study involved a simple loop that was constructed, and riders were instructed to maintain their speed and stay within their lane. As their blood alcohol levels rose, their speed changed more often and their lane control degraded dramatically, especially in the sections of the loop where the curve occurred. When you consider that speed and lane control are often closely linked with fatal crashes, it shows us that even a couple drinks can make a big impact. 


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