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Highway Road Hazards

Hazards on the road arise every day. These hazards can come about unexpectedly when you are on your regular, daily commute. It could be that you get a flat tire, have a car part blow out, or even have to pull over unexpectedly. Do you know how you will handle a hazardous situation on the road? Today we will explore a few safety tips to take if you ever find yourself in such a situation. 

  1. The only time you should pull over on the highway is if it is truly an emergency. In fact, many deadline collisions occur with cars that are parked on the shoulder of the highway. This is usually attributed to a sleepy, inattentive, or intoxicated driver. Even if you think you are safely out of the way, it does not mean you are safe. According to studies done by AAA, over 600 pedestrians are struck and killed every year on the highway. 

  2. If you do pull over, it is safer to be on the right side of the highway than on the left. 

  3. Call roadside assistance immediately. 

  4. If you experience a flat, make sure you get to a safe location to change it. Even if you think you are safely on the shoulder of the highway, most of these cars are traveling upwards of 75 mph, and are just a few feet from you. 

  5. Safety must be your number 1 concern. Though you may have an emergency on your hands, pulling over can be just as, if not more, dangerous if not done properly. 

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