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How Roadway Hazards Cause Accidents

When a car accident occurs, we tend to first blame one of the drivers. With that in mind, it is important to note that accidents don’t always occur due to an error on the driver’s end. Sometimes, the road may be to blame. Recent studies have shown that dangerous conditions on the roadway rank among the highest causes of car accidents. Roadways that are undergoing construction or have construction defects or faulty design may have a huge affect on the driver’s experience on the road. Even if an accident is caused by the driver’s error, it could be made worse if the road conditions are not safe, where as it could have otherwise been a minor accident. 

Here are some common road hazards that every driver should be aware of:

Hazardous Obstacles

Car parts, debris, potholes, and even fallen trees are the cause of many accidents and usually take drivers by surprise, causing them to make abrupt swerves out of their lane and hit another car. Government agencies that are in charge of the roads have a responsibility to remove these hazards in a timely manner. 

Hazardous Surfaces

Roads often become hazardous when the surface pavement does not have enough skid resistance, or when drainage systems are poor and cause hydroplaning or ponding. 

Dangerous Intersections

Confusing traffic signs or traffic signs that sometimes malfunction, when paired with sharp or narrow roads, can triple the chance of an accident at an intersection. This says a lot when you consider how common accidents are at intersections on their own. 

Insufficient Traffic Signals and Signage

Sometimes when there are missing, defective, confusing, or improper traffic signals and warning signs on the roadway, this can cause confusion and accidents. 

Bad Construction

Sometimes roadways will weaken and become unsafe if they are poorly built. Moreover, roadways can sometimes collapse if they were  built with errors or with poor quality materials. If you find yourself in a roadway such as the one described above, make sure to drive carefully, especially if the pavement feels uneven, bumpy, or has debris on it. 

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