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Important Driving Tips For Teenagers

One of the most exciting experiences of a teenager’s is becoming a new driver. As a teen, you immediately get more access to the world and everything it has to offer once you get your license to drive. Moreover, the sense of freedom that you get is unparallelled. Like most great things, there is also a dark side. Studies show that teens have a much higher rate of getting into car accidents than adults. Two major things at play here are inexperience and immaturity. Teenagers, for the most part, still have not fully developed certain key personality traits which will later help them stay safe on the road. Today, we are diving into 3 important tips that all teens should know as they prepare to get some driving experience under their belts!

  1. Drive Alone

This one cannot be stressed enough. The temptation to have a car full of your friends and drive them around town is extremely difficult to ignore, especially when you are a new driver. The risk of getting in a car accident increases tremendously even just by having one other teen in the car. 

2.   Turn Headlights On

A common mistake that first time driver’s make is forgetting to turn on their lights as the sun is going down. It seems obvious to keep the headlights on when it’s extremely dark out, but keeping them on in the early morning and around sunset could save your life. This not only heightens the teen driver’s field of vision, but it makes them more visible to other cars on the road around them. 

3.    Minimize All Distractions

While people everywhere are aware of the extreme danger posed by texting and driving, especially amongst teens, there are other distractions that should be given just as much attention. Such distractions can include eating, drinking coffee, or even playing music too loud. These factors and more can distract any driver, and make a teen less prepared to react given an unexpected hazard or occurrence on the road. 

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