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Safety Tips For Bicyclists

Normally, bicycle safety tips are limited to the usual “wear your helmet, follow the rules” rhetoric. While that may be nice to hear, the fact remains that a helmet will not prevent you from being hit by a car. Helmets of course help if you get hit, but avoiding such an accident in the first place should be your number 1 goal. 

To prevent accidents and injuries from happening in the first place, here are 12 quick safety tips while riding your bicycle. 

  1. Ensure that the bike is an appropriate size for your weight and height.

  2. Always wear a helmet that is federally approved.

  3. Before riding, check if the brakes and reflectors work properly. 

  4. Make sure that you are visible to other motorists, especially at night. Wear bright clothing and have reflectors which will allow others on the road to see you.

  5. Don’t listen to music while riding as this can prevent you from hearing your surroundings. 

  6. Choose to ride in residential areas rather than highways and city streets.

  7. Base your speed on the condition of the road and on the volume of traffic. 

  8. Make sure you have a safe distance between yourself and parked cars to prevent being hit by doors that could open suddenly. 

  9. When you stop, turn, or change lanes, make sure you are using the proper hand signals. 

  10. When you are crossing a pedestrian lane, get off your bike and then cross.

  11. Always use caution when you are crossing intersections. 

  12. When there is a passing truck or bus, be extra careful as they have very large blind spots in which they will not see you. 

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