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Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Year after year, a new batch of teen drivers hit our roadways. Did you know that teenagers are at the biggest risk out of every age group to get in a car accident? In fact, young adults aged 16 to 19 are almost 3x more likely to be in a fatal car crash than drivers 20 years and older according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Every year, approximately 3,000 teenagers lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents. These numbers are alarming and should cause concern for all parents. 

Driver inexperience is the main cause of these accidents, and according to the CDC the number one threat facing teens behind the wheel is having another teen in the vehicle. 

An awareness campaign called Parents Are The Key, launched by the CDC, educates adults on the risks facing teenag ers across the country, and indentifies 8 “danger zones” that typically lead to car accidents. These danger zones include:

  1. Driver inexperience

  2. Driving with other teenagers

  3. Nighttime driving

  4. Driving without a seatbelt fastened

  5. Driving distracted

  6. Driving while drowsy

  7. Driving recklessly 

  8. Impaired driving

Furthermore, the CDC issues warnings to parents to ensure that their teenage children are aware of these leading causes, and should have a parent-child agreement to have rules in place helping their teen stay safe. Many of the leading car insurance companies in the nation provide these agreements to parents on their website. 

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