A Slip and Fall Accident Can Change Your Life Dramatically Within Seconds and Leave You Injured and Confused.

You have a right to expect reasonably safe premises when you visit a property as a customer, client or guest. The owners, managers or occupants have a legal obligation to make sure they are in compliance. If you are seriously injured because of dangerous conditions, the owners of the property may be held responsible.

What is Premise Liability?

Such slip and fall cases are known as premises liability and can include conditions such as inadequate lighting, broken flooring or stairs, wet floors, insufficient security or dog bites. Premises liability applies to private as well as public property; ie, retail stores, office buildings, theatres, schools, banks or apartments.

Obtaining Professional Legal Assistance

Since slip and fall cases are often complicated, it is important to seek legal assistance. The HURT 323 network of lawyers has years of experience with these types of cases. They are familiar with the laws and have successfully represented clients in negotiations with insurance companies.

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